Our services include office building management, commercial property management, rental property management and also in property management training.

Our flawless services are widely appreciated by our clients. We follow all the required parameters of Indian and international standards which assist us in rendering appreciable services. We are also dedicated to meet with the given deadline of clients for the delivery of our services. It is really very easy to create a clientèle but it is very difficult to retain it.

Building Management

Our Building Management services include Electrical Works, Plumbing Works, Elevator Maintenance, Pest Control, Painting Works, Cleaning Works, Swimming Pool Maintenance, and Water Tank Cleaning

Electrical Works
Electrical works – whether it is small or big – require skillful work. We offer well package electrical work service. Our experienced personnel will come to your place, note down your requirements and accordingly work out a suitable action plan with you and deliver service within no time. We have entered into many commercial building management agreements and providing quality service. Our facility management software keeps track of your service needs.
Plumbing Works
Have a plumbing emergency? Call us for quick-response plumbing expertise and emergency plumbing repairs. Our technicians pride themselves on arriving at your home quickly and getting your plumbing problem fixed ASAP. We offer construction management services, work with companies to build management systems and are also recognized as reputed property management consultants.
Elevator Maintenance
Hassle-free lift management service is a must of most buildings, particular high rises. We provide a no-frills lift maintenance service and have grown out of the need for owners, property managers and building engineers in maintaining lifts. Contact us for all your lift maintenance requirements.
Pest Control
Global Management Services offers effective pest control solutions like bedbugs control, rodent control, cockroach control, termite control, mosquito control, and other pest – that too all in an efficient and eco-friendly way. A great release from Pest like never before.
Painting Works
A refreshing new look for your home or office can bring excitement into your life. We specialize in painting work that inspires you to feel elated or work efficiently in a clean ambience. We undertake all kinds of painting works.
Cleaning Works
Get our dependable, responsible cleaning services for your home or office. Let us manage your cleaning – WE GUARANTEE SUCCESS with our unique cutting edge technology, cleaning system and proven methods.
Swimming Pool Maintenance
Our swimming pool maintenance can help you save time and money while enjoying your backyard paradise. Accurate pool maintenance prolongs your fun in the sun and extends the life of your pool’s external parts and interior pool finish.
Water Tank Cleaning
We take up water cleaning works including underground, tank water tank cleaning and water sump cleaning. We are one of the facilities maintenance companies that are known for their services.

We help our clients by

  • Most accurate and competitive project estimation.
  • Measured quality control systems.
  • On-site, professional management.
  • 24/7 365 day service and responsiveness.
  • Superior communication and coordination.
  • One point of contact, one invoice to process, one check to write